Club Competition & Presentation 2020

A fun, casual and rewarding way to end our Physie year is always Club comp. The girls have a chance to display their work for friends and family and are rewarded with medals, trophies and perpetual awards.

Club Champion
Club Legends

Amitie Betts - 3rd Place

Grand Final

(awarded to the highest place getter in the

Club for the year)

Fah Muinoi & Laura Devoy

(for invaluable service and assistance 

to Lithgow Physie)

State Finalists 2020
State Grand Finalists 2020
Marching Champion
Encouragement Award
Junior Toe Champion
Junior Champion of the Day

Mia Cameron

Zoe Tracey-Gee

Jemeliah Barbaro

Laura Devoy

Senior Toe Champion
Senior Champion of the Day

Amitie Betts

Fah Muinoi

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