Physical Culture, or "Physi" is a unique sport - describing it is a little difficult! It combines standing and floor exercises with marching and modern dance, and is great for improving flexibility, strength, co-ordination and self confidence. New routines are learnt from the start of each year, culminating in team and individual competitions taking place from September to November. Participation in competitions is not compulsory, but is actively encouraged as it builds team spirit within the club, and feelings of self-worth and achievement for individual girls. All members of Lithgow club perform in our end of year competitions and presentation day, and are recognised for their achievements during the year . Everyone who participates in Physi is a winner!

Physi is the perfect activity for girls from as young as four, when they start learning the basic positions and class discipline whilst having fun playing pre-school games. Girls then progress through the age groups, ultimately reaching the Senior girl ranks from the age of 17 onwards. Ladies classes are available for women of all ages and fitness levels, and are great for social networking while toning the body and challenging the mind at the same time. Many great friendships have been formed through Physi classes, and it is a  thrill to see mothers, daughters, and even grand mothers sharing their love of Physi together.

Classes within the Lithgow club are conducted with a firm focus on fun and friendship. A healthy attitude to competitions is encouraged, and the girls are taught to accept both victory and defeat graciously and in a sportsmanlike manner. "Success is found not in being the best, but by doing your best."

There is a great community spirit within Lithgow Physi club -  encouragement and support for all our members, and a real sense of pride and belonging.


               2016 7-8 year team - ready for competition at Sydney Zone finals.



Our State Grand finalists, Mikayla and Azaria